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Removal of Multicraft Configs December 6th 2017


  • Removed Multicraft configs - Pterodactyl exists, use that instead of Multicraft.

Removal of the API October 25th 2017


  • Removed API - Not enough traffic to keep it.

Travertine is now here June 22nd 2017


  • Added Travertine.
  • Readded the ability to donate to the site after having a poll on discord.
  • Layout edits (Backend, doesn't change anything that a user sees, just makes things easier for me).
  • Glowstone doesn't have their own dedicated CI anymore so switched to my own private CI.

1.12 Release June 8th 2017


  • Added quick download for the currently available softwares which support 1.12 (Not including pre-release 1.12 versions).

Worried about the EULA? May 29th 2017

This isn't really a changelog, but figured it should be on the homepage where many server owners will see it.

If you're worried about getting blacklisted by Mojang, don't worry since one of the methods to bypass the blacklist has been made public. You can view guides on how to do so here. https://github.com/EcoCityCraft/MojangBlacklist

Return of MCPE server softwares May 21st 2017


  • Nukkit, PocketMine & Genisys re-added.
  • Replaced the old long downloads dropdown with a more modern & wide version.

Small update May 15th 2017


  • Project abandonment warnings.
  • Preparing for MCPE to get re-added to the mirror.
  • Twitter timeline - It slowed down the site's load time

Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 2 May 13th 2017


Hotfixes 2 May 10th 2017


  • Fix forge version filters outputting incorrect values causing them to not function.

Backend Improvements May 9th 2017

Backend Changes:

  • Convert auto building script from PHP/Shell to Perl.

Hotfixes 1 May 8th 2017


  • Twitter timeline
  • Enforce ads to be in HTTPS - To ensure that ads will display.

Q2 Design Update May 7th 2017


  • Note: Test a lot before using in production.
    Multi-Threaded server software
  • Quick downloads card - For lazy people
  • Public chats card - Nobody looks at footers.
  • Filtering downloads - Easier to find things.
  • Glowstone now has versioning
API Additions:
  • File hashes - Verification for if the file has changed.
    • MD5
    • SHA256
  • Added Glowstone, HOSE & Torch
  • Donation link - It's appreciated if you disable uBlock Origins (If you use anything else, switch to uBlock Origins, it's better).
  • Donor list - To increase the speed of page loading.
  • Removal of MCPE server softwares - They're not downloaded often
  • Removed build 58 of Thermos - Considered as unstable & wasn't recommended for production.
  • Information cards moved to a single information card
  • My beautiful sponsor now has it's own card instead of just being in the footer.
  • Completely rewrote the multicraft configs. - Should be more reliable